Lot 59: Wilcox Dandenong Lilydale Frankston Codd Bottle

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Wilcox Bros / Trade W. B Mark // Dandenong / Lilydale & / Frankston. No base mark. (Victoria) Aerated Water Codd Applied top. Four way pour Dobson style patent with four dimples. Aqua. 13 oz. 233 mm. 1890s

Poor. Looks fantastic, but has one wee issue! The original top has been glued on at the crimp. There are a couple of sliver flakes from this join. Burst bubble to base heel has a flake from either side of it, these are small. A few fisheyes, some scuffs and fine scratches. Great colour and lovely whittle throughout, likely made at one of the smaller Melbourne glassworks. A rare bottle that looks good as it is on the shelf. Grade: 0 Estimate: $50 - 75
Wilcox Dandenong Lilydale Frankston Codd Bottle
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