Lot 814: New South Wales police Badge

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New South Wales Police badge. Miscellaneous Badge New South Wales Police badge. 96 mm. 1930s

Good. As per the ozbadge website, this badge is listed as follows: NSW Police, Edward 8th, "EVIII R" style cypher Helmet plate. Edward 8th ruled for only one year in 1936 and abdicated, before being crowned. Probably made locally in Australia. Extremely Rare. Note the use of the incorrect, "Queen Victoria" type crown and also the inaccurate cypher. This example is dull, the top part of the crown has a bend, a few small bends around the outer edges. Some verdigris and the likes to be found. A bit dirty,needs a good clean. A great item! Grade: N/A Estimate: $150 - 200
New South Wales police Badge
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