Lot 856: Cuming Smith Formalin Blue Poison Bottle

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Sold for A$130

Cuming, Smith & Co's / Formalin / (Sickle). Base: M. (Victoria) Poison Phenyle/Disinfectant Cylinder with ribs around. Tool finished top. Cobalt Blue. 20 oz. 213 mm. 1900s

Very Good. Small flake to upper lip, two smaller flakes around from this also to upper lip, none are big by any means. Some grime throughout which should wash off. Some inner haze in places. Some minor outer dullness. Some scratches and scuffs. A few tiny impact marks. A lovely looking item in this colour. Grade: 7.5 Estimate: $50 - 75
Cuming Smith Formalin Blue Poison Bottle
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