Lot 886: Bendigo Pottery Pots

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Pair of household lidded jars made by Bendigo Pottery: 1. Browny yellow green glaze. Potters stamp: Bendigo Pottery / K. T. / Epsom. Under base: Australian / Hand Made / Stoneware. 2. Brown glaze. Monbulk / (Bowl of Fruit). Potters stamp: Bendigo Pottery / KC / Epsom. Under base: Australian / Hand (Kangaroo) Made / 1980 / (illegible). (Victoria) Pottery Bendigo 1. Browny yellow green glaze. Impressed. Lidded jar. 2. Brown glaze. Impressed. Lidded jar. 1. 136 mm. 2. 134 mm.. 1980s

1. Near Mint. Small glaze flake near base edge. Some crazing. Superb colours. A bit of kitchen grime. 2. Near Mint. Some wear to the outer handles. A few minor scuffs and scratches. May not be terribly old, but this is still not something that was made in large numbers judging by the few that you see around these days. Grade: N/A Estimate: $30 - 40
Bendigo Pottery Pots
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