Lot 889: Potty Chemist Prints Portmeirion Pottery

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Sold for A$55

Decorative "Potty". Base: Chemists Prints / Port Meirion Pottery / Stoke On Trent / Made in England. Around sides prints of IXl Deisderatum Inhaler / Fine Bears Grease / Warren's Exhibition Rotary Knife Cleaner / Fine Bears Grease / W. M. Jowett Patent Charcoal Rapid Water Fiter Manchester. and in the middle of the inside base F. H. Faulding & Co Ltd Golden Eye Ointment. Pottery Chemist Bed Pan or Potty. Black & White. 102 mm tall. 1950s+

Excellent. Crazing. Dust and grime. Some stain. Made as a souvenir like piece using historical prints from pot lids, water filters etc. Interesting item. Grade: 8.2 Estimate: $40 - 60
Potty Chemist Prints Portmeirion Pottery
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