Lot 906: Early Stoneware Bottles Jars

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Three Impressed bottles: 1. Tall stoneware Ale/Ginger Beer stamped EX near base. 2. Dublin Extra Stout 3. Blacking*Bottle (Crudely impressed near base) (McRae Collection) Pottery Stoneware 1. Tall shouldered cylinder. Salt Glaze. Impressed. 20 oz. 2. Shouldered cylinder. Double collar top. Stoneware. Greenish glaze. Pint. 3. Large stoneware Blacking Jar. Impressed. Salt Glaze. 240, 225 & 188 mm. 1820s-1850s

1. Excellent. Lovely simple piece of early English stoneware. Has the EX mark to indicate Excise paid (Dates to Pre 1834). Other than kiln marks not a lot to note on this one. A beauty. 2. Very Good. Chippy around the lip, mostly at the back and down about 2 mm. Darker 80 mm hairline across the mid front. General crazing. A bit of wear and the like. Nice early impressed stoneware stout. Australian found. 3. Very Good. A very fine 80 mm hairline down the back from the base of the neck to mid back. Very fine hairline around the base as well and a star type group of lines across the base itself. A small chip at the back base edge. Some flakes and nibbles around the lip. Very crude uneven stamped letters. Australian found, a nice early one. Grade: N/A Estimate: $80 - 120
Early Stoneware Bottles Jars
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