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Four Sample Bottles and a tiny advertising measuring jug: 1 & 2. Pair of sample Champions vinegar bottles. 3. Hulstkamp & Zoon & Mu / Rotterdam. No potters mark. 4. Sample Sized Benedictine Liqueur. Base mark: D. O. M / (Cross). 5. McIntyre Bros / 1/3 / Tea on both sides. Sample/Miniature Various Various 128 - 40 mm. 1890s-1920s

1. Very Good. Stained throughout. Some scratches. 2. Very Good. Impact to rear lip has an angled upper lip fracture from it. Some minor dirt. Nice looking variations. 3. Very Good. Scratch to rear lip, another little spot of wear to upper handle. 8 x 5 mm flake to left rear base edge. Small flake under left base edge. Couple of little nicks to right base edge. Small nick to lower front right body. A few fine scuffs and scratches. A lovely sample geneva bottle, not sure I have seen a sample size in this brand before? 4. Very Good. Tiny nick to lip edge. Stained throughout. Some surface etching, scuffs and scratches. Lighter than usual in colour, possibly smaller than the black ones as well? 5. Excellent. Some rust to the handle. A few minor spots of stain. Maybe a few fine scratches. A nice piece of advertising china. Grade: N/A Estimate: $70 - 100
Antique Sample Bottles
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