Lot 994: Old Advertising Ashtrays

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Three Ash Trays: 1. Peter Dawson Scotch Whisky. Made by West Highland Pottery, Dunoon Argyll. 2. Dewar's "White Label" Scotch Whisky. Made by Wade Regicor, England. 3. McCallum's Perfection Scots Whisky. Made by Wade Regicor, England. Tobacciana Ash Tray 1. Black print on light blue. 2. Black and red on yellow. 3. Black print on dark cream. 1. 103 mm. 2. 116 mm. 3. 120 mm wide.. 1950s

1. Near Mint. Some crazing which is a tad discoloured in places. Only minor marks otherwise. 2. Excellent. Little glaze flake to upper body. Small dark scuff underneath. Another scuff or two and some fine scratches. 3. Excellent. One part of the print has flaked slightly. Scratch to upper edge. Grade: N/A Estimate: $30 - 40
Old Advertising Ashtrays
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