Lot 201: Drink Buckleys Soft Drinks Euroa Crown Seal Bottle

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Drink / Buckleys / Soft Drinks / For a real thirst treat / (Magpie) / Sparkling / and / refreshing / 7 FL. OZ. // Manufactured by / Buckleys / Cordials / Euroa / Phone 169 / Preservative Added / Artificially Coloured / Net Contents 7 FL. OZ. Base: 1 Modern AGM Monogram / ISM-708. Cap: Pineapple Flavour... (Victoria) Aerated Water Crown Seal "Bullet" type with ribs around shoulder and raised ridge around base. Seam through lip. Clear. Black & White print. 7 oz. 207 mm. 1960s

Very Good. Really heavy wear at the shoulder and around the raised ridge near the base. Despite this heavy wear the print is very nice with some light wear and scuffs. Looks like original cap and contents? Good looking bottle. Grade: 7 Estimate: $40 - 50
Drink Buckleys Soft Drinks Euroa Crown Seal Bottle
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