Lot 207: Joes Korumburra Crown Seal Soft Drink Bottles

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Three Crown Seals all Embossed/Printed: Net / Contents / 7 FL. OZ. / Joe's (4 times around shoulder) / (Around base) The property of South Gippsland Cordial Co. Korumburra // Preservative added and Artificially Coloured. (Print) Drink / Joe's / (Man holding his hand out and pointing) / Ice Cold / Worth Money both to Joe's and you / I'm very precious empty too // Manufactured by / South Gippsland / Cordial Co. Pty. Ltd. / Net Contents 7 FL. OZ. / Phone Korumburra 55 / Please return quickly. Base: (Two higher printed ones) 1 Modern AGM Monogram / 38 / ISM-460, lower printed one has a 2 before the AGM Monogram. (Victoria). Aerated Water Crown Seal Champagne shape. Decoration at shoulder and around base. Seam through lip. Clear. Black & White print. 7 oz. 197 mm. 1960s-1970s

Very Good. Some dirt and haze. Scuffs and marks. Some marks to the prints but for the most part they are nice and bright. Good group of bottles. Grade: N/A Estimate: $20 - 30
Joes Korumburra Crown Seal Soft Drink Bottles
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