Lot 213: Starkeys Sydney Lichtners Sauce Crown Seal Bottle

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Sold for A$15

Starkeys / (Star & Key in middle of word) / Ltd / (Around base) This bottle always remains the property of Starkeys Limited. Base: AGM / 3. Label is for Worcestershire Sauce. Lichtner's for Meat, Steak etc. Lichtners signature. D. Michell & Co Ltd, London Sydney Newcastle. Net 1 Pint. (New South Wales). Aerated Water Crown Seal Hexagonal body. Offset seam through lip. Clear. Black & White Label. 20 oz approximately. 262 mm. 1920s

Good. 12 mm fracture to one bottom corner. Scruffy and worn. Label has some holes with wear and marks. Nibbles around the lip. Dirt and grime. Great embossing. Unusual bottle and interesting with the label showing it was used for another product later in its life. Grade: 6.9 Estimate: $20 - 30
Starkeys Sydney Lichtners Sauce Crown Seal Bottle
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