Lot 240: Pure Water Process Melbourne Internal Thread Bottle

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Sold for A$310

Pure Water Process Co / Trade H. 2. O. Mark / Melbourne // Please / Replace the Stopper. Base: AGM Monogram. Egypta stopper. (Victoria) Aerated Water Internal Thread Champagne. Spun finished top. Aqua. 26 oz. 255 mm. 1910s-1920s

Very Good. Difficult to see 12 x 4 mm bruise in the front lip. Wear around the body. 7 x 6 mm burst bubble to the mid back. Small partially burst bubble to the shoulder with some dirt in it. Shallow flake under the base edge. Scratches. Nice whittled glass. Good looking example of a scarce bottle. Grade: 7.7 Estimate: $150 - 250
Pure Water Process Melbourne Internal Thread Bottle
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