Lot 84: Rosel Echuca Lemonade Codd Marble Bottle

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A. Rosel / Trade (Aboriginal Man with Shield and Boomerang in front of rural scene) Mark / Echuca // Lemonade. Base: M. (Victoria) Aerated Water Codd Dobson or Four way type. Spun finished top. Aqua. 10 oz. 228 mm. 1910s

Good. Dull. Very scuffy in large areas. Some wear to the surface of the embossing. Baby oil inside. A bubble to the upper mid right has fine fractures in its surface. Some pitting and deeper marks mainly to the back. A very small burst bubble with some dirt in it to the middle of the picture. Solid enough but needs a good clean up. Grade: 6.9 Estimate: $70 - 100
Rosel Echuca Lemonade Codd Marble Bottle
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