Lot 253: Tin. Golden Fleece Home Kerosine. 5 Gallon.

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Sold for A$35

(Golden Fleece logo). Golden Fleece Home Kerosine. Caution - Harmful if swallowed, keep out of reach of children. Net 5 Gallon. Golden Fleece Petroleum. (Flammable Liquid sign). Logo and name again. For Household, Industrial and Agricultural Use. . Garagenalia. Tin. Large round tin. Tap hole and tap. Yellow & Red. 5 Gallon. 405 mm. 1960s - 1970s

Good. (N/A). Rusted top and bottom. Scratches and rust marks through the body. One side is very faded, the other is quite good. Needs some cleaning up but complete and solid.. Estimate: $60-80
Tin. Golden Fleece Home Kerosine. 5 Gallon.
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