Lot 87: Torpedo. Schweppes. Aqua. 6 oz.

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Sold for A$60

Schweppe's. Makers Mark: (Small L inside Large L).. Aerated Water. Torpedo. Applied top. Aqua. 6 oz. 179 mm. 1890s

Very Good. (7.6). Polished. A bit of minor haze near base point. Finely pitted scuffed area to mid rear and a scratch or two from this as well. Short deep scratch to lower front left. Couple of pitted marks to lower rear. Some little fisheyes and impact marks. Some fine scuffs and scratches to be found. Really strong embossing has some little nicks and a bit of wear in places, but is mostly pretty good. Quite a lovely little bottle with this huge embossing.. Estimate: $20-30
Torpedo. Schweppes. Aqua. 6 oz.
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