Lot 16: Seedsman Maldon Codd Marble Bottle

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Sold for A$330

Seedsman / & Son / Soda- (Crown) Water / Maldon. Base Mark: M. (Victoria) Aerated Water Codd All Way Pour. Applied top, spun finish. Aqua. 6 oz. 186 mm. 1910s

Very Good. Little fisheye type impact to front lip. Small dirty burst bubble to inner front lower left lip. Some dirty water type stain inside that will soak out, possibly there will be remains of some light haze afterwards. Rear chamber has a patch of scuffs and scratches. Down the left rear are some scuffed surface scratches. Lower front left base edge has a discoloured scratch, from this is a wide scuffed scratch that has a series of fisheyes along it. Some scuffs and scratches around the shoulder, there are some fisheyes amongst this. Embossing is heavy, the D of Seedsman has a nibbled flake. Otherwise there are a few small nicks and spots of wear here and there. A few fisheyes, some scuffs and scratches scattered around. We have never sold this version with & Son, as well as Soda Water on the front! Grade: 7.3 Estimate: $200 - 250
Seedsman Maldon Codd Marble Bottle
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