Lot 72: Graff Henty Amethyst Codd Bottle

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Sold for A$280

Chas. A. Graff / Henty // This bottle / is the property of / Chas. A. Graff, Henty. Base: Z.G.B.W.Ltd. (New South Wales) Aerated Water Codd Dobson or Four way type. Spun finished top. Sun coloured amethyst. 6 oz. 202 mm. 1920s

Very Good. Dull with some light stain inside. 5 x 3 mm chip to the top of the left lip. 7 x 7 mm chip or popped out bruise at the back base edge. Good strong embossing. Very scarce in the small size and not sure I've seen one in this colour before? Grade: 7 Estimate: $100 - 150
Graff Henty Amethyst Codd Bottle
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