Lot 1264: Pot Lid. Beral Dentalina Tooth Paste, Paris. Rectangle. (France)

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Sold for A$150

Dentalina / A New Anti Acid / Tooth Paste / Removes Tartar, Whites The Teeth, Prevents / Decay, Hardens The Gums, And / Imparts A Delicious Fragrance To The Breath. / Prepared only by / Beral. / English American & French Chemist. / 14. Rue De La Paix / Paris. (France). Pot Lid. Tooth Paste. Rectangle lid with rounded corners. White with black print. 91 mm across. 1900s

Near Mint. (9). Tiny glaze nick to upper front left near the corner. A few little nicks to the outer, lower flange edge. Some crazing. Comes with a base which is discoloured with some rust and crazing. Some little flakes and chips as well. Lovely lid, obviously made for the English speaking market, we have not sold one of these before.. Estimate: $100-150
Pot Lid. Beral Dentalina Tooth Paste, Paris. Rectangle. (France)
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