Lot 1267: Pot Lid. Lewis & O'Donnell, Melbourne. Rectangle. Blue Print. (Victoria)

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Sold for A$4,700

White Rose Tooth Paste / For Preserving & Beautifying the / Teeth & Gums / Imparting a delightful fragrance to the / Breath / Prepared by / Lewis and O'Donnell / 341, Bourke Street / Melbourne. (Victoria). Pot Lid. Tooth Paste. Rectangular. Blue print on white. No base. 93 mm across. 1890s

Very Good. (7). At the lower front edge is a shallow triangular 3 x 3 mm chip. From this chip is a 6 mm deep scratch up to the bottom of the EL of Melbourne. There is a 7 mm hairline from the chip along the edge of the rim. There is a 5 x 1.5 mm mark on the right hand side of the lid at the rim edge. There is an expansion crack on the flange over a total of about 22 mm, this manufacturing line has glaze in it. The flange at the front has two shallow chips - 5 x 4 mm and 2 x 3 mm. The left side flange has a shallow long chip as well to the underside measuring 20 x 3 mm. There is some light crazing throughout. A couple of little spots of rust and/or discolouration. Great looking lid in as found condition. Very rare as well. No base.
Estimate: $6000-8000.
Reserve: $5000.

Pot Lid. Lewis & O'Donnell, Melbourne. Rectangle. Blue Print. (Victoria)
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