Lot 163: 18 Pottery Items. Bendigo; Hoffman; English; plain; etc. (PICK UP ONLY)

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1. Handled Salt Glaze Crock. Potters Stamp: Bendigo Pottery / Epsom / Bendigo. 2 - 4. Three Stove Blacks. 5. Small two tone bung jar. Potters stamp: Hoffman / Pottery Works / Brunswick. (Victoria) 6. Doulton & Watts Lambeth Pottery. 7. Powell, Bristol. 8. Stephen Green Imperial Potteries, Lambeth. 9. George Skey Wilnecote Pottery, Tamworth. 10 - 11.. Pair of two tone jars, one narrow necked, the other straight sided. 12. Bung jar with dark bands to shoulder and base edge. 13. Crude bung jar marked 2Q to shoulder. 14. Unmarked salt glaze bung jar. 15. - 18. Four white stoneware bottles, one ink and three blacking or polish jars.. Pottery. Various. Various Various. 1850s - 1920s

N/A. (N/A). 1. Good. Little glaze flake to front lip edge. Couple of thin flakes along the front right lip edge. Flake to inner lid seat on right. Chip to upper left handle. Some scratches and spots of wear. Texta under base. Perfect 10 mm hole drilled in the base, this has been used as a pot plant at some stage. The inner base ise chipped around this hole. No lid. Unusual piece of Bendigo Pottery, not sure what age this potters stamp is, but looks to have a fair bit of age to it. 2. Very Good. Quite an early, wide neck variety. Little outer lip flake. Nibbled mark or two to inner lip. Nice example. 3. Good. Potters blowout to mid body. Dark, scuffed scratch down one side. Chip under heel. Spot or two of wear to body. Some scratches. Flake or two under base. 4. Very Good. Flake to outer lip. Some grime. A few small nicks. 5. Little glaze nick to shoulder. A few spots of surface rust. Some discolouration, possibly from making. Lovely example of this unusual piece from Hoffman pottery. 6. Excellent. A little grime. A few scratches and minor marks. 7. Very Good. Little nick to front lip. From this there is a hairline down the front to near the base. Discoloured blowout near potters stamp. Couple of scuffed scratches to the rear. Some fine scratches. 8. Good. 22 x 6 mm chip to front left lip edge. Couple of nibbled chips to heel. Some discoloured, scuffed scratches. 9. Very Good. Small shoulder flake. Some crazing. Some discolouration. Spot of wear or two. Some scratches. 10. Very Good. Chip to outer lip. A few flakes around the shoulder. Discoloured wear around base edge. Flake to base edge. Some rust. Crudely made with lumps and bumps throughout. 11. Very Good. Flake to outer lip edge. 30 mm hairline to lower body. A few scratches and minor marks. Usually these have stamps on them for some sort of cheese, odd to see a plain one. 12. 10 x 10 mm potters blow out has been roughly filled with something, small filled mark up from this. Some lumps to the body from making. 20 x 20 mm filled patch under the base, probably another making mark that has been filled. Some minor spots of wear and scratches. A crude jar, not sure where this was made. 13. VG. Small glaze flake to upper lip. 30 x 16 mm nibbled chip under heel, small flake next to this, these look to be from making. Some fine hairlines under the base. A few little glaze flakes to the body. Quite a crudely made item. Potters toggle marks around the lower and upper body and lip may help those knowledgable to identify where this was made, for we have no idea. 14. EXC. A little fine surface wear around the shoulder and again at the heel. Some making marks. 15. Very Good. Some rust stain in patches. Chip to heel. Some scratches. 16. Excellent. Couple of spots of rust under the heel. Scratch or two. 17. Excellent. Small patch or two of surface rust. A few scratches and minor marks. 18. Very Good. Fine glaze hairline to lip. Some rust in places. A few scratches and minor marks.. Estimate: $80-150
18 Pottery Items. Bendigo; Hoffman; English; plain; etc. (PICK UP ONLY)
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