Lot 31: Two Geelong Ceramic Label Bottles: Drift Fruit Juices 600 ml and Franklin's crown seal 6.5 oz. (Victoria)

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1. Embossed to shoulder: 1A (Modern AGM Monogram) 600 ml 6002/ Pasteurised Milk // 600 ml. Black print to body: Drift / Fruit Drinks / Packed by: / Drift Fruit Juices (Geelong) Pty. Ltd. / 30 Bloomsbury St. / Newtown, Vic. / 600 ml // Keep Refrigerated / May be diluted or / sweetened to taste / Free of all / preservative & / artificial colour / Use within / 10 days. No Base Mark. 2. J. T. F / Quality / (Rosette) / "First for Thirst" / Franklin's / (Sailing Ship) / First Prize // Manufactured by / J. T. Franklin & Co. Pty. Ltd. / 24-26 Fenwick St. / Geelong, Victoria. / Preservative Added / Artificially Coloured / if stated on seal / Net Contents 6 1/2 FL. OZ. Base: 5 (Modern AGM Monogram) / ISM - 742 (Victoria) . Miscellaneous. Bottles. 1. Machine made. Foil top. Clear. Black Print. 600 ml. 2. Champagne with raised rings around base and shoulder. Seam through lip. Clear. Blue & White print. 6.5 oz. 200 & 185 mm. 1960s - 1970s

N/A. (N/A). 1. VG. Some light haze in places. Tiny nibbled spot to outer lip. Fisheyes and impacts around the shoulder. Some near base edge as well with a few nicks. Some fading to the lower print. Some scratches and scuffs. This is the first we have sold in this variety, a previous variety we sold had Chilwell as the address - same street address just different suburb? A terribly confused bottle, doesn't know whether it wants to contain milk or fruit juice, it says both on the bottle! 2. VG. Deep scratch to upper left with a scuff beside it. Scuffs around the shoulder and base edge regions. Little nibbled impact to left base edge, a few other nicks around the base edge region. Some little fisheyes. Some scuffs and scratches. Good print. . Estimate: $20-40
Two Geelong Ceramic Label Bottles: Drift Fruit Juices 600 ml and Franklin's crown seal 6.5 oz. (Victoria)
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