Lot 95: Two Advertising Match Strikers. Apollinaris and Helidon Spa Water.

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Sold for A$120

1. Appolinaris (twice around upper rime and twice around upper pedestal base. No makers mark. (Germany) 2. Helidon Spa Water. (Queensland). Tobacciana. Advertising. 1. Pedestal base match striker with overglaze black print, underglaze blue design. 2. Black print on a small donut shape match striker. 1. About 74 mm high 2. 83 mm diameter. 1900s+

N/A. (N/A). 1. NM. Some grime and dust which should clean off. The writing on the upper base looks a little deteriorated with undefined edges to the letters. Some scratches and minor marks. A nice piece advertising this famous German mineral water company which is now owned by Coca-Cola. 2. Fair. About a 15 x 15 mm chip across the HE of Helidon has been repaired with parts of the HE repainted, though parts of both letters are original. Some chipping along the inner rim above this has also been repaired and painted. 40 mm hairline through WATER, 20 mm hairline around from this. Couple of upper rim hairlines and a couple more internally as well. A little discolouration and some stains. Small flake at top of striker part where it meets the glazed part. Interesting striker from this Queensland company.. Estimate: $50-100
Two Advertising Match Strikers. Apollinaris and Helidon Spa Water.
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