Lot 98: Beer. HUGE variety of used beer crown seal caps.

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HUGE variety of used beer crown seal caps: 28 x gold caps with crossed shovels; The South Australian Brewing Co., Ltd. x 1; 4 x red Swan Draught; 4 x XXXX; 5 x James Boag; 4 x Eagle Ice; 11 x green West End; 13 x blue West End; 11 x red West End; 3 x red West End, twist off; 19 x silver West End; 4 x Iguana; 11 x various colour Tooheys; 3 x Becks; 12 x unmarked, various colours; 3 x Tooheys Old; 21 x Natural Beer Co, red and blue; 3 x Southwark Premium Lager; 7 x Southwark 1886; 17 x black caps with red lidded beer mug; 2 x green Southwark; 2 x blue Southwark 1886; 21 x Hann variations; 6 x 5 seeds in two colours; 32 x different coloured caps with bats; 25 x miscellaneous, mostly international but there is a Woodroofe screw cap in there; 3 x Summer Bright Lager; 8 x caps with Asian characters; 6 x Guinness; 6 x Enterprise Brewery.. Beer. Crown Seal. Huge number of crown seal beer caps. N/A. Late 20th century to current

N/A. (N/A). These are all used - they even smell like beer. The vast majority have been removed with a crown seal opener and so are bent - even the screw off caps! On quick count, there are nearly 300 caps here!. Estimate: $30-50
Beer. HUGE variety of used beer crown seal caps.
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