Lot 125: Buchanan Toowoomba Noxall Crown Seal Bottle

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Sold for A$31

C. H. Buchanan / Trade Mark / Noxall / Registered / Toowoomba // Noxall on back shoulder. Base: A. G. M / 3 / B35. (Queensland) Aerated Water Crown Seal Champagne. Seam through lip. Aqua. 6 oz. 189 mm. 1920s

Very Good. Chip on the front left lip of 5 x 3 mm and another chip on the back left outer lip of 7 x 3 mm. Hazy and relatively light scuffs around. A tiny impact or two. Quite a crude machine made bottle with some manufacturing marks around. Good embossing. Decent looking example of a hard to get little bottle. Grade: 7.1 Estimate: $50 - 75
Buchanan Toowoomba Noxall Crown Seal Bottle
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