Lot 126: Hunter Dimboola Crown Seal Soft Drink Bottle

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Sold for A$27

H. Hunter / Dimboola / This bottle is the property // 1 / of H. Hunter, Dimboola. Base: L423 / M / AGM. Part label: High Class Factory / (DL monogram) / Soda Water / (Missing). (Victoria) Aerated Water Crown Seal Machine made. Aqua. 6 oz. 185 mm. 1930s

Excellent. Some grime which should clean off. A few scratches and minor marks. Label is torn through middle and across bottom. The DL monogram may be Dolph Lindner who was in Dimboola? Grade: 8.3 Estimate: $10 - 20
Hunter Dimboola Crown Seal Soft Drink Bottle
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