Lot 177: Antique Old Internal Thread Bottles

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Sold for A$25

Pair of Internal Threads: 1. O'Neill Bros. / Trade (ONB Monogram) Mark / North Fitzroy // M. G. B. W. Co. Base: O'N / B. 2. Ginger Beer / H. Taylor / (HT Monogram) / Melbourne // This bottle / cannot be sold or used by / any other person and is not / complete without stopper. Base: AGM Monogram. (Victoria) Aerated Water Internal Thread Shouldered & Champagne. Applied & Tool finished top. Aqua. 26 oz. 256 mm. 1900s & 1920s

O'Neill is Fair. Scruffy. Chip inside the front lip. 18 mm fracture at front base edge. Early one without Please Replace Stopper or other extra embossing. Taylor is Very Good. Scuffs and wear. Baby oil inside. Grade: N/A Estimate: $30 - 40
Antique Old Internal Thread Bottles
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