Lot 860: Australian Phenyle Poison Bottles

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Four Phenyles: 1. Lion Brand / Phenyle. No base mark. (South Australia) 2. C. B. Mfg Co / Phenyle / VDMA in a Diamond. No Base Mark. (Victoria) 3. Crown. C. Co / Phenyle / VDMA in a Diamond. No Base Mark. 4. Kitchen's / Poisonous // Not to be taken / Phenyle / VDMA in Diamond at front // Regd No / 2140 / Crosses around front two panels. Base: AGM Monogram. (Victoria) Poison Phenyle/Disinfectant Diamond shape. Rolled lip. Amethyst, Aqua & Amber. 6 oz. 161 - 163 mm. 1900s-1920s

1. Very Good. Oiled internally. 5 x 5 mm crescent surface bruise to front neck. Grimy internally with some dirt too. Thin open bubble to side. A few little nicks. Some light outer haze. A few scratches and the odd little scuff mark or two. This is from Fowler of Adelaide. A nice colour, reasonably hard to get. 2. Very Good. Some light haze. Crude making marks to the surface down the rear. the E of phenyle has oddly streaked across the VDMA! Some scuffs and scratches. Some grime. 3. Very Good. Some annealing marks to inner neck from making. Some very light inner haze. Small flake to rear base edge. A little grime. Maybe a fine scratch or two. Great, crude lumpy glass all over, an early piece. 4. Very Good. Some fine haze and dirt internally, some outer grime. 17 x 7 mm crescent shaped bruise under base. Tiny nick or two to base edge. Lovely light colour with varying shades of amber and yellow throughout. Some fine scratches. Hard to get in this colour. Grade: N/A Estimate: $70 - 100
Australian Phenyle Poison Bottles
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