Lot 861: Australian Phenyle Poison Bottles

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Pair of Tasmanian Phenyles: 1. Gardner McKenzie Pty Ltd / Poisonous // Not to be taken / Phenyle / VDMA in Diamond at front / Crosses around front two panels // Regd No / 2140. Base: AGM. 2. This Bottle is The Property of / Tasmanian Chemical Co / Poisonous // Not to be taken / Phenyle // VDMA Initials in a Diamond / Crosses around both front panels // Reg No 2140. Base Mark: M953 / M / (Modern A. G. M. monogram) (Tasmania) Poison Phenyle/Disinfectant 1. Diamond shape. Rolled lip. Clear. 6 oz. 2. Diamond shape. Machine made. Clear. 6 oz. 160 & 164 mm. 1920s-1940s

1. Very Good. Some grime. Some annealing marks to inner neck from making. Hazy. Impact to rear base edge has a small discoloured bruise from it. Tiny impact or two to body. A few fine scuffs and scratches. A rare phenyle from Tasmania. 2. Very Good. I have not seen this one before. Hazy throughout, not too heavy though. Some grime. A few scratches and minor marks. Interesting little phenyle bottle. Grade: N/A Estimate: $60 - 80
Australian Phenyle Poison Bottles
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