Lot 866: Holloways Ointment Pots

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Four different Holloway's pots: 1. Pictorial version, 533 Oxford Street. 2. Non pictorial version, 533 Oxford Street. 3. Non pictorial version, 244 Strand. 4. Family Ointment, 244 Strand. Pot Lid Holloways All All White with Black Print. 1. 36 mm. 2. 35 mm. 3. 37 mm. 4. 37 mm.. 1850s-1880s

1. Very Good. Fine hairline. Some discolouration and crazing. 2. Excellent. No damage, just some discolouration and a bit of rust stain. Tiny hairline to base edge. 3. Very Good. Hairline to front right. Some small flakes around the base edge. Some discolouration. A few scratches and a bit of fine wear. 4. Good. Hairline to front and another to rear. Flaked to upper lip over 20 mm. A little discolouration. An early pot from the 1850s-1860s. Grade: N/A Estimate: $50 - 75
Holloways Ointment Pots
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