Lot 870: Faulding Golden Eye Ointment Pot Lid

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F. H. Faulding & Cos / (Eye) / Golden Eye Ointment. (with a fitting base) (South Australia) (McRae Collection) Pot Lid Ointment Small round pot lid. Black on Pink. 49 mm diameter. 1890s

Very Good. 35 mm hairline on the underside that runs up the flange and can still just be seen on the rim and on very close inspection running into the face between the OI of Ointment. An impact mark with the usual associated fractures on the bottom of the flange on the other side (up to about 15 mm in length). Sticky tape residue around the bottom of the lid. Pot base has a chip, crazing and some stain. Grading for lid only. Grade: 7.9 Estimate: $80 - 120
Faulding Golden Eye Ointment Pot Lid
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