Lot 873: Antique Sydney Pot Bases

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Pair of Sydney Pot Bases: 1. G. Wells, Chemist, George St., Sydney. 2. F. Charles Turner / Oxford Street / Sydney (with a fitting but incorrect Toogood type lid). (New South Wales) Pot Lid Pot Small to Medium round printed pots. Black & White. 66-67 mm diameter. 1890s

Wells is Very Good. Don't recall seeing this brand before. Has some dark hairlines inside. Also dark hairlines over the rim merging into crazing and the like around the main body. Nice one. The Turner is Fair. Chip at the front base. Large chips around the rim (hidden with the lid on). Some stain, crazing and the like. Nice items. Grade: N/A Estimate: $100 - 150
Antique Sydney Pot Bases
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