Lot 914: Bendigo Pottery Coat of Arms Water Filter

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Sold for A$400

Bendigo Pottery Co Ltd / (Unofficial Australian Coat of Arms) / Advance Australia / Bendigo. Crude 1s marked on the lid and rim of body. (Victoria) Pottery Water Filter Round white stoneware filter. Applied decoration. 1 Gallon. 250 mm without lid. 1890s

Excellent. The filter body is in great condition. Has a flake or two around the lip. A little bit of stain inside and some minor marks around. The lid has a 30 x 11 mm chip to the edge with a fine hairline actually in it. Some light stain and marks. Grading mainly for the body. Grade: 8.5 Estimate: $150 - 200
Bendigo Pottery Coat of Arms Water Filter
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