Lot 913: Chambers Clutten Melbourne Salt Glaze Water Filter

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Sold for A$10

5 / Chambers & Clutten / Melbourne. No potters stamp. (Victoria) Pottery Water Filter 5 Gallon straight sided Water Filter body. Impressed. Applied handles. All Tan. 480 mm. 1880s

Poor. Large open crack down the back and right side. Bottom part of the tap hole chipped off. Chips all around the rim. Chips also to both handles. Dirty inside with chips to the ledge that held the actual filter stone. Clearly this has cracked while being used (possibly as a flower pot) as the fencing wire tied around the top just below the rim has been done a long time ago. Still a nice decorative piece and very hard to get. Grade: 4.9 Estimate: $60 - 80
Chambers Clutten Melbourne Salt Glaze Water Filter
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