Lot 921: Sample Apricot British Pyramid Syphon

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Sold for A$350

Etched to Base: British Syphon Co / Regd / Pyramid No / 565191. / London. Eng. Metal top is unmarked. Sample/Miniature Soda Syphon Pyramid shape. Tool finished top. Pink/Apricot. About 4 oz. 138 mm without metal top. 1920s

Very Good. Some fine scratches to inner neck. Some fine inner haze. Small and shallow double surface flake to one rib half way down the body. A few fine scratches. A little usage wear under the base. A few spots of grime. A lovely little item. Grade: 7.5 Estimate: $350 - 450
Sample Apricot British Pyramid Syphon
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