Lot 964: Galley of Lorne Scotch Whisky Jug

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Sold for A$185

(Large sailing boat with Boar's Head on the sail) / Galley of Lorne. Base: Port Dundas / Pottery Coy. Spirits Whisky/Whiskey Handled round stoneware jug. Tan top. Black Print. 1 Quart. 187 mm. 1890s

Excellent. Although there is a manufacturing split on the front left shoulder with three legs over a total of about 18 x 10 mm. A fleabite to the lip. A couple of very small blowouts to the right mid body. Some light stain in places. Great looking whisky jug and pretty scarce in this style. This is the same one sold in Auction 27, the vendor has since managed to acquire an upgrade. Grade: 8 Estimate: $400 - 500
Galley of Lorne Scotch Whisky Jug
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