Lot 965: John Dewar Perth Silicon Ware Whisky Jug

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Sold for A$110

(Scottish scenes, Robbie Burns) / By Royal Warrant / (Coat of Arms) / To Her Majesty the Queen / John Dewar & Sons / Limited / Distillers / Perth. NB. Impressed stamp: Doulton / Lambeth / England / 8012 / Rd 224092. Spirits Whisky/Whiskey Handled stoneware jug. Green top, Salt glazed / tan lower section, black print. 1 Quart. 143 mm. 1900s

Mint. Some grime which will wash off. A few little scratches and minor marks. A few tiny glaze nicks to be found. Great looking item, these are harder to get than the siliconware versions. In fact, we have only sold one before and it was to his majesty as opposed to her majesty, making this the first sale of this example that we have had. Grade: 9.5 Estimate: $100 - 150
John Dewar Perth Silicon Ware Whisky Jug
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