Lot 966: Robertson Dundee Fine Old Scotch Whisky Stoneware Jug

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Sold for A$375

Fine Old Scotch Whisky / Trade (JRD Initials in fancy shape) Mark / John Robertson & Son / Dundee / (Fern Leaves) // Caution. Our Whisky / when in Jars and Bottles is protected by branded corks / and patent capsules without which none is genuine. / Anyone re-filling our packages for trade purposes will be prosecuted. Base: Port-Dundas / Glasgow / Pottery Coy. Spirits Whisky/Whiskey Whisky Jug. Bulbous mallet shape. Tan top. Black Print. Quart. 222 mm. 1890s

Excellent. Looks like the original cork in the top but we haven't removed to check if it is branded! Dust and grime is the main thing. Spots of discolouration. Some manufacturing marks. Nice print and lovely glaze. Great example of a hard to get whisky jug. Grade: 8.8 Estimate: $250 - 350
Robertson Dundee Fine Old Scotch Whisky Stoneware Jug
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