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Pair of Geelong Wine & Spirits Bottles: 1. Imperial / This bottle is the / property of The / Beacon Trading Co / Geelong // Quart. Base mark: C76 / M / A.G.M. (with modern AGM monogram over the top of it!) 2. Old Highland Cream / Scotch Whisky / Chas Cole & Co Geelong / Sole Agents. Smooth base. (Victoria) Spirits Whisky/Whiskey 1. Machine made. Clear. 1 Quart. 2. Squat cylinder. Shaped neck. Spun finished top. Dark Green. 26 oz. 281 & 250 mm. 1910s-1930s

1. Excellent. Some very light inner haze which may well soak out. A few scratches and the odd scuff mark. Interesting to note that A. G. M under the base the modern AGM monogram over the top of it, first I have seen evidence of this on any bottle. 2. Very Good. Discoloured scuffed mark to left rear shoulder. Some light inner haze and a bit of dirt that will wash out. Surface bubble across one of the letters. Scratches and the odd scuff mark. Grade: N/A Estimate: $40 - 60
Geelong Whisky Bottles
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