Lot 66: Johannesberg Antique Codd Hybrid Bottle

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Johannesburg / Trade Mark / (Filling machine with bottle) / Reg. Jan. 1895 / Mineral Water Co Ltd. No makers marks. (South Africa) Aerated Water Codd Single teardrop (Codd original) closure and very rounded torpedo type base. Known as a Hybrid to collectors. Applied top. Aqua. 6 oz. 189 mm. 1890s

Good. Heavily stained and etched throughout. A few impact marks around the lip, a couple are a tad nibbled. Left lower lip has a small nibbled section. Couple of surface bubbles to the rear and a small milky bruise as well. Fisheyes and impact marks scattered around, a few have formed little surface flakes and nicks. Some scuffs and scratches as well. We sold a large one of these way back in auction 5, this is the first small one we have sold. The following information is supplied and verified by Rod Comer and Gerard de Kamper from South Africa: "6oz. Johannesburg Mineral Water Works, (in directories 1890-1911), Trade Mark Regd. 1895. There are two versions one with a ltd and one without a ltd. The one without dates between 1890 and 1895 and the one with the ltd. after 1895." Grade: 6 Estimate: $100 - 150
Johannesberg Antique Codd Hybrid Bottle
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