Lot 67: Matthysen Pretoria Green Marble Codd Hybrid Bottle

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Matthysen / Pretoria // Wm Barnard / & Sons / London. (Green marble). (South Africa) Aerated Water Codd Codd original or one way pour. "Hybrid" with torpedo base. Applied top. Aqua. Light Green marble. 10 oz. 240 mm. 1890s

Very Good. Patch of haze to rear upper body has some fisheyes, scuffs and scratches amongst it. Small patch of surface wear to the mid front. Little nibbled mark to the base point. Large 5 x 4 mm fisheye to front upper body. Nibbled flake to the lower part of the P of Pretoria. Very heavy embossing, there is some other little flakes, nibbles and high point wear to the other letters. Some fine annealing marks around the lower lip from making. Some scuffs and scratches scattered around. Little fisheyes can also be found in places. Some light inner haze. Generally shiny, this is one of the better condition South African hybrids that we have handled, we have never sold one from this company though. The following information is supplied and verified by Rod Comer and Gerard de Kamper from South Africa: "This factory was established in 1880 as Matthysen and Voorstman. In 1890 it became Matthysen and it existed until 1915 when it closed down to become part of the United Mineral Water Works. This is the first one of these ever offered on the open market, and must rate amongst the top 3 scarcest South African coloured marble hybrids. Curiously, this bottle must have been manufactured shortly after the factory opened, possibly 1890-1895." Grade: 7.5 Estimate: $500 - 750
Matthysen Pretoria Green Marble Codd Hybrid Bottle
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