Lot 203: Zumbos Coonamble Crown Seal Bottle

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Z / Serve / Ice Cold / (Elephant) / Zumbo's / Cordials Coonamble / 10 FL OZ // This bottle always remains / the property of / Zumbo's Cordials / Coonamble. Base: Modern AGM Monogram / IS 592 / 5. (New South Wales) Aerated Water Crown Seal Machine made. Grey and white label. Clear. 10 oz. 223 mm. 1960s

Very Good. Interestingly, the colours have not aligned on this one with the white being offset to the right by a few millimetres. Inner dirt should soak out. 4 x 5 mm surface bruise to front near the base edge. A few tiny impacts. Some fine scratches and minor marks. A few rusty looking spots. Grade: 7.8 Estimate: $30 - 40
Zumbos Coonamble Crown Seal Bottle
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