Lot 204: Marchants Life Screw top Lemonade Bottle

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Sold for A$35

Marchants / life / Lemonade / 1 Litre. (Embossed in small characters) (Triangle) / 8 72. Smooth base with dots around the edge. Unbranded blue cap. (Australia) Aerated Water Crown Seal Tall tapered cylinder. Five columns of three circles around the upper part. Screw top. Seam through lip. Bright green. Yellow & White print. 1 Litre. 338 mm. 1970s-1980s

Excellent. Although it is a bit dirty and grimy. The first three lines of the ceramic label print are great but the "1 Litre" line has some fading and wear. Bottle itself looks like something out of Doctor Who. Needs a good clean but is in great shape. Grade: 8.1 Estimate: $5 - 10
Marchants Life Screw top Lemonade Bottle
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