Lot 205: Old Crown Seal Soft Drink Bottles

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Ceramic labels: 1. Slades, 7 oz. 2. Cottee's 'One Way', 13 oz. 3. Pepsi-Cola, U.S.A., 10 oz. 4. Pepsi-Cola, Sydney, 10 oz. 5. Coca Cola, 10 oz. Aerated Water Crown Seal 1. Machine made. Black and white print. Clear. 7 oz. 2. Machine made. White print. Clear. 13 oz. 3. Machine made. Red and white print. Clear. 10 oz. 4. Machine made. Red and white print. Clear. 10 oz. 5. Machine made. White print. Clear. 10 oz. 1. 194 mm. 2. 172 mm. 3. 242 mm. 4. 238 mm. 5. 175 mm.. 1960s-1970s

1. Very Good. Tiny impact to base edge. A bit dirty internally. Some scuffs and scratches. A bit of wear to high points. 2. Very Good. Some dirt and grime looks like it will soak off without issues. A minor scratch or two. Tiny impact or two. Print is OK, a few letters to rear are missing. Main print is a bit stained with a few little flakes. 3. Very Good. Some inner haze. Scuffs and scratches to be found, a few are deepish. Discoloured spot or two. Some stain to the print. 4. Very Good. Some lip wear and a tiny impact. Heavy wear to lower shoulder band and near the base. Some surface rust. Label is discoloured. Some letters to the rear are missing. Little fisheyes and impacts. Scuffs and scratches scattered around. 5. Very Good. Grimy, this should soak out. Print is dirty, there is a small flake or two to the print. Some scratches. Grade: N/A Estimate: $30 - 50
Old Crown Seal Soft Drink Bottles
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